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    i've been looking for about a week for simple answers to this question:

    verizon 700p that i have working on alltel. no mms no internet access. just vanilla texting and vocal chat.

    no data network.

    after spending time on the phone with tier 2 techs we came to the obvious conclusion that it wasn't allowing me on (even though #*#data had been changed) because it was sending out as login (and i assume vzw as password). going to phone and info showed it, and the rom dump showed it still existing in multiple locations.

    i put the dump on an SD card, edited the offending values to match the ones i wanted, tested if it would load on the simulator (it did without a problem, but i'm not sure how accurate a test that really is...)

    so here are the questions. i know i'm not the only one with this problem, as the shadowmite forum had a few posts on it.

    1: will the rom work without bricking? the checksum has changed n all...
    2: if it does brick...could it be unbricked easily? like, bootloader load backup rom? i haven't found a simple tutorial on doing this.
    3: is the simulator really a decent test?

    i've done these edits on pc software...but on a phone? that's all i need is to explain my hundred dollar paperweight i got last week to my wife

    oh yeah and the password in the rom? i couldn't find the vzw value anywhere. a tech described the phone as having a "bastardized version" of the alltel code in it to allow it on the network. i'm assuming it was what one could call a "universal unlock code" or some such.

    any thoughts? anybody solved this problem and it's so simple everyone knows how to but me?

    thanks! dude, no data sucks so bad. i could have lived without the internet until the alltel verizon merge, but no mms?

    edit: still looking btw, i'm not trying to be spoon fed, just getting frustrated
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    think i found a far it's not letting me do MMS properly because "National Access network coverage not available [1xNotAvailable]"

    it's stuck in EVDO so maybe if i force only 1X then it'll work

    update: forcing 1X doesn't work, as i'm sure some of the more educated people in here would have known and smiled upon my folly. going to try mms through blazer

    oh and it continually gets on the network regardless of whether i want it to or minutes will go flying out of the window if you're not careful


    I can go online!

    go to prefs network make a new one

    Service "Alltel" or whatever you like

    username password alltel

    go to details unclick "mobile ip"

    go to advanced ip automatic

    unclick query DNS set primary to and secondary to

    these are for the BREW network btw, so i'm not sure what will happen if they find you rolling through it with a bunch of data.

    anyways i'll post more as i find out more. for now i'm happy that i'm getting closer. wish me luck

    update: as most already know (but i'm posting logs for people who maybe like me are newer to phones and need elementary details) the mms service address is hardcoded, being

    so kind of back to square one on that one. original problem was changing the data network domain from verizon to alltel, now it's changing the mms address

    maybe there's a workaround somewhere with a third party app that'll intercept and spoof...
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    You're in luck, Palm has already made a great tool for manipulating your CDMA parameters, which are not stored in the ROM, but they do influence the ROM.

    Go get the official SD-card updater for your phone, unzip it, and enjoy the utility called CDMAFirmwareUpdater. I recommend following this path:

    CDMAFirmwareUpdater.prc --> Debug --> NV Backup --> \CDMA NV Backup.pdb --> Filez.prc --> WinHex --> Filez.prc --> NV Restore --> Happiness
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    thanks! i'll check that when i get home. what's the chance i'll brick the phone btw? anybody have comments?
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    thanks beezle!!!

    Originally Posted by doodoostickstain
    should i pull the battery on the verizon 700p at any point when i apply my patched cdmafirmwareupdater backup file? i use a different carrier, as you know, and i've seen you post on the matter. i'll post the response on my thread for all to know.


    Nope, I don't think that is necessary. Just don't select "Update PRL" under the debug options.

    The rule should be, if you see the status change to indicate it is now updating the PRL, then pull the battery.

    If it's doesn't go into specifics, and doesn't ever change status to mention a prl update, then your PRL is probably not being updated, and you're ok to let it run to completion...

    I think it's only a wm thing...

    i asked him a question about RAM editing (safety issues and null values lol) so hopefully after that last answer i can do my edits then post a more complete guide on making your treo work on a different network properly, because i have yet to see a so-called "choose your mms server" option anywhere ; p

    again thanks to beezle!
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    doodoostickstain - Can you walk me through the steps you did to convert your Verizon Palm Treo 700p to Alltel? I have one coming via UPS I bought off eBay for really cheap and need help converting it. I didn't realize it was so hard coming from the world of Motorola phones where I could flash any firmware I wanted and with a little hacking made everything work normally except MMS but I am ok with that. Please let me know your steps - thanks!
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    hey killerj i didn't see your post, sorry! i got frustrated with trying to get mms working and dropped the entire matter. never got an email saying you posted either. didn't mean to leave you hanging!

    ok in case anybody else's not hard, just tedious.

    the subsidy code is probably 000000

    #*#DATA change username to phonenumber @

    passwords are alltel

    set ip address to automatic

    hop outta there, #*#EVDO

    note: this is how i got the data connection working properly. it eats up minutes, so be careful.

    disable broadband.

    exit, go to prefs network new connection

    username phonenumber @ password alltel

    uncheck mobile ip.

    advanced: ip address automatic checked, query dns checked.

    call up alltel and give them your ESN. watch out for spiteful ladies who try to force you to purchase a data plan. when you refuse even though they tell you you *NEED* to or they won't turn on your phone they put in the ESN wrong intentionally.

    sad how some people can't handle not having their way.

    it's pretty basic. a note on MMS: you have to have an active data connection to receive, it's flaky, and i only get thumbnails.
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    Well, at least you got yours receiving mms. With Cricket, we can make it send mms (edit nv item 2019, using cdma workshop. Or you can hexedit your CDMA Backup pdb, just search for the string, "mms".), but have never been able to receive mms.

    Well, at least I haven't been able to yet...


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