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    Hi..I was enthused to upgrade my 8gb SDHC to a 32gb hot off the presses (best price I saw--B&H photo in NYC)

    So, I did. Pricey. Hated the price. Bit.

    MobiPocket seems fine. Docs to go is happy. Ptunes had some problem searching, but once I told it where to search a couple of times or manually selected the card, it was fine and all is well now. Games are fine (like Backgammon...)

    But then we come to eReader. Half the books installed are missing--not from the card, which I can read just fine with Resco Explorer or File Z...but eReader's database.

    Unlike Mobipocket, eReader doesn't have a "refresh" feature.

    I think all I really need to do is get eReader somehow to refresh the database.

    Any idea how?
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    Did you try to copy over the eReader files from your old Palm/Launcher/ directory? Are the ebooks in the appropriate directory on the card?
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    Ahem - you can get a new Treo for this price!!!!

    Good for you!
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    Well, that may be so--in fact, you can do better than the treo for the price, but I LOVE having my library with me, and with 32gbs, I also have room for hundreds of MP3s. It's basically now a perfect convergence device. Who needs Kindle or Ipod?

    Yes, all the books are exactly where they should be, and where they were since I copied the old card over. Some of them show up. Many don't. At least from within eReader.

    I can select ANY book from Resco Explorer and manually launch it into RAM and read with eReader even though it doesn't show in eReader's database.

    So the books are there. They are functional. I just can't get eReader to refresh its database.
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    I understand the pull of having everything with you on your Treo. I might even get a 16 or 32GB card if the 800w doesn't work out.

    For ereader - did you try the opposite: deleting all ereader-related files and trying to reinstall from scratch? Is there a pattern to which books do or don't show up? (Different registration numbers, names, etc)?
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    I found in fact a close but easier solution. Not without some trepidation I renamed the file "reader.dat."

    Then I ran eReader and got a ....blank screen for a minute or so. I restrained panic and hoped. Unlike Mobipocket there is no visible indication of a rebuilding of the database--but that is what it was doing. It popped up fine and all was well.

    Card is great now.
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    Good to hear it's working. Enjoy the big card.
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    BTW, beware class 4 SDHC 32g cards on the market. They're cheaper...but with a card this size, speed matters.

    NB: 485 albums in MP3s, about 950 ebooks, a couple of hundred JPGs and some miscellaneous other things..and still a couple hundred megs left.

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