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    I bought a different phone through AT&T, so I want to sell the red Treo 680 I was using. I've been searching around for info on how to do that reasonably and need some straightforward advice. I don't want to accidentally gyp someone as a result of my ignorance of various aspects of the sale, but I also want to get as much as I reasonably can out of it. Any advice is appreciated.

    As far as I know the warranty is expired. I have the original installation CD and documentation. There is no damage - all works well. I bought it refurbished as an upgrade from AT&T. I have a few accessories like some wall chargers, screen protectors, palm 512 memory expansion card, etc. As far as I know, it is not unlocked. Should I unlock it before trying to sell it, or let the buyer do that if they want to? Part of me doesn't want to deal with it, but I will if it is that much better for me or the buyer. Also, how would the buyer activate and start using the phone once they get it?

    I was planning on selling it on ebay, starting the bidding pretty low. But I'm wondering, what would a reasonable price end up being for all this (if it is still locked)? Is there any other information that a potential buyer, whether they are experienced or a relative newbie, would need/want to know? Is there anything I need to do to the phone (other than wiping my data off) before handing it over?

    Thanks for any help. Just want things to go smoothly for both seller and buyer and make it a good deal all around.
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    Here's what I would do. Go to eBay. Do a search to pull up all the Treo 680's. Then refine the search by looking only at "completed items". Now you'll see all the Treo 680 auctions that have finished over the past few weeks or longer. You can see all the ones which didn't sell at all and what prices and conditions didn't garner successful sales. You can look at the ones which did sell to see which features and what condition got better and worse prices. See if locked versus unlocked models get consistently different prices. And of course, you'll see an overall range of prices. This is a reasonable way to get a ballpark idea of what the market price may be for your item. It's not perfect market research, but it is pretty helpful in my experience. Good luck.
    -- Josh

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