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    Has anyone tried Mondo Pondo?

    How about the registered version?

    Is it any good?

    I enjoy messing around with the shareware, but I don't know if I should bother to register. I figure it would be nice to have some random group quiz game on my visor for all those lazy nights of just sitting around watching tv w/ peeps. This would be more interesting, to say the least.

    So... any off the cuff reviews?
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    Anyone want to tell me what that is?
    -Michael Ducker
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    MondoPondo is a weird quiz game for palm.. essentially glorified truth or dare. You get the question right, you get a pond. Get it wrong, pick truth or dare. You can avoid doing the truth/dare by paying x amount of ponds. Otherwise you have to quit.

    It seems like it would be fun in a group to sit around and play.

    The shareware version has the 16+ version of the game. The registered allows for other versions to be used, such as X and XXX. ;P

    The ratings mainly effect the dares and truths. The questions are pretty much the same, though it would be nice to have question packs too (i think they do)

    I just want to know if the registered version is as crazy/fun as I think it would be, or if it is so over the top that it just isnt worth it.
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    Well, the site clearly states that 'it is the best game in the world'.

    I think that answers your question.
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    I don't know if i consider that to be an impartial recommendation. But yeah, it did gain my interest.

    I am tempted to just say F-IT and buy the darn thing... but I want a bit of real feedback from others for. I am not so sure I trust the whole palmgear review thing...
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    I have it and it's a blast to play when you can get you and 2+ girls to play. That's when it gets really crazy! It's also fun to play with 1 girl too. Make sure they don't take the truths the whole time on the XXX mode, it's not as much fun then. We play if you miss the question you have to take the dare. There are no truths.

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