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    Here's one for you, for some reason while my 755 is in Hot Sync it freeze's at Media/Photos, I can't make it stop. Any ideas? Thanks...btw I cleared all photos, but its still happening.
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    I had this happen also, never could get it to go away except by setting media to "Do Nothing" in HotSync Manager. It didn't bother me too much because I mostly take the card out and use a usb card reader for media anyway.

    Wish I had an answer...
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    Thanks! That's what I'm doing now...I wonder what went wrong
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    The media conduit for the Treo 755p doesn't work properly. It will always hang your hotsync.

    Better to use card reading software on your Treo (there's free stuff out there) and drag and drop the images to/from your SD card.

    You won't be able to sync media in the Treo's RAM with the desktop, but you don't want to waste the Treo's memory that way anyway.

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    Yeah, I usually back up the card via Sandisk Card Reader, it was just odd that it started happening all of a sudden. Oh well, 800w is almost here & kind of tempted to try it Thanks for the help...
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    i had the same issue the other day. I read some posts and it seems my programs on my laptop were the cause. I removed and reinstalled hotsync and other programs from my cd. Ran hotsync and it took awhile because of all my media but it didnt hang up at all. Now it works no problems at all.
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    Sounds easy

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