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    I just got off the phone with palm because my computer wouldnt recognize my sd card as a drive.They told me that i need to download a card reader from palm gear.My question there any card readers out there that are free or any good ones that anyone can recommend?The one on palm gear is only like 12 bucks but is there any better ones or is this one worth it?
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    I don't know why you need to download a card reader. If you have an SDHC card, then you need to have an SDHC card reader that you card fits into and then goes in a USB port on your computer. If you have a regular SD card an SDHC reader will not work, you'll need just the regular SD card reader. By the way, when I say SD I'm including regular SD, mini & micro SD cards.
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    Palm told me that I needed one because my computer wouldnt recognize my sd card as a drive.
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    If you want the Palm to be seen as a drive, then you would need to download a card reader app. If your computer has a built-in card reader that doesn't "see" the card for some reason, maybe the card is too big in capacity--I had an old card reader that couldn't reliably handle cards bigger than 512MB. I replaced the card reader and all was well.

    There are commercial card reader apps for Palm, and there is the freeware PFB (Palm File Browser) that requires an app to be installed on the PC also.
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    Check with the computer's manufacturer. I had the same problem with a HP laptop. I phoned support and they got me an updated driver for the built in reader. Problem eliminated.
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    You can use mOcean as a card reader too. It's free, but it also plays mp3's etc. I just discovered it yesterday and tried it worked fine! You download it to your phone.

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    i was just reading the thread titled 'Little Known Features of Centro!?' by godschoice and GC_Chi brings up that you can transfer mp3's to your centro simply by having ptunes open and plugging the phone into the computer using the hotsync cable and using windows explorer to move them. There's lots of neat tips and tricks in the thread.

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