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    Forget more grey depth and all of the other goodies, I want the grafitti recognition in OS4 for my Visor Deluxe. I played with the 505 at a store the other day and wrote perfect grafitti as fast as I can type, WITH NO ERRORS!!! I cant write an "R" on my visor without getting :shortcut: about 50% of the time. There are several other occasional problems which disappeared like mixing up "a", "f", & "t". If I could buy an app to make grafitti work that well on my visor, I would be first in line with credit card in hand. Very impressive.
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    Try overclocking your Deluxe with Afterburner 3.0z. I have found that Gafitti recognition gets better with higher clock speeds. This could explain why the m505 seemed to work better - it runs at a faster clock speed than the Deluxe. Or maybe they did improve Grafitti in Palm OS 4.0 - I don't know for sure.
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    I gotta suggest you try something like TealScript jeffbeerman2. Although it can take some work training, you have the ability to go as far as reinventing Graffitti if you want to. It will seems strange and annoying at first but if you take the time when you write and notice the same errors coming up (like your R & :shortcut: example) just jump into TealScript and retrain those characters then that will never happen again.

    Give it a shot if you haven't. No improved OS can give you better recognition than one you create yourself.

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    The digitizer can be improved via soft patches alone as I could tell better character recognition on my Prism once I upgraded to system 3.5.2H1.4
    In addition, Jot works pretty well.
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    the best tip i ever got was: WRITE BIGGER!
    i went from 24 wpm to 30 wpm just from doing that.

    yeah, i wrote that ...

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