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    Has anyone ever replaced the housing on the 755p? I was using a friends today and it got dropped. Not too far, and it was in a silicone case. But it hit right on the corner, and the case seam split open and took a ding out of the front housing corner. It is purely cosmetic, but the phone is only a month old and I told my friend I would get it fixed. I can find the housing for sale online, but don't know if it would be better to have someone who knows how to do it replace it, or try doing it myself. I work in electronics and repair stuff, but have learned over the years that sometimes it is best to let someone who has "been there,done that" do the repairs. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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    Its not difficult to do.

    Take out the 6 bolts that hold the 2 halves together and use your fingernail or similarly dense material to run on the edges and split the case. Once open you need to be carefull because some components are held together in the shells. ie mic speaker etc.

    Theres videos on youtube I think and the 650 700 are similar.

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