Hi all in the Treo community. I thought I would give back and post up the hard to come by internet settings for the Pay As You Go sim cards on the O2 network in the UK. As far as I know these should work on all Treos that are unlocked or on the O2 network, but can only test on T650.

O2-UK Internet Settings

All settings are Case Sensitive

Navigate to Prefs > Network and select New from the drop down menu.

In the following type:

Service: O2 WAP GPRS
Connection: (Select From Drop Down Menu) GPRS
User Name: payandgo
Password: payandgo
APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk

Hit Details and change Fallback to -None-.
Hit Advanced and Tick IP Address Automatic
Untick Query DNS and type:


Then in Blazer go to Preferences > Advanced > Set Proxy > Tick Use Custom Proxy, and type:

Proxy Server:
Port: 8080 - (This is the key to connecting through GPRS. O2 tell you something else...)

Email Settings

As well as using the conventional Gmail and Yahoo, there is a free web email with POP forwarding provided by O2 to O2 customers only.

The VersaMail client has the settings already built in Account Setup under the name UK-O2 but for people with ChatterMail or SnapperMail

Incoming: mail.o2.co.uk
Outgoing: smtp.o2.co.uk

You can choose your own username and will end up with an address like, username@o2.co.uk...

Hope this helps