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    Hi, hello all,
    For a while now, I had an SMS thread opened with a very important person who is dear to me and my life, and this thread held all the texts we ever sent each other, problem is, that the first bunch of texts we ever sent each other suddenly dissappeared as to make room for new ones. Now I am begging somebody to help me retrive these texts, PLEASE; i believe it can be done because i noticed that when i take the messages_database.pdb and view it with sms2csv, texts that I have previously deleted show up! Iam willing to send over this file if it means recovery, or i would like to know what else could be done to my phone to bring back these vital texts. I also firmly believe that NOT everything is in this one file and that much more of my info is somewhere on the phone itself; this disaster happened today and i didnt lose too much yet.
    PLEASE, help me.
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    Do you back up the device routinely? Hot sync or a device based backup solution? If it is important:

    Applications such as Resco Backup and OnGuard Backup allow you back up specific applications upon exiting those applications. With Resco Backup you can RESTORE a specific application (includes its data files in most instances) and with OnGuard Backup, you can restore the application itself and/or just the data files).

    May I also suggest a desktop archiving application for SMS such as TreoDesktop.
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    well i only hotsyched after I lost those messages, but the thing is that the things that i've deleted myself still appear in the backup file, just not the messages i need, so i'm hypothesizing that those messages aren't quite gone for good but floating around somewhere in cyberspace, with a way to get them back. im so out of it and i just need help with this

    btw, thanx for your speedy reply, you and the other regulars are a bunch of virtual saints.

    P.s. I can always send you the .pdb file if you can do something with it?/i'll even do whatever i have to, to my phone to get that info...
    im open for anything at all and i just need salvation for this issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by polushiks View Post
    Hi, hello all,
    ... i noticed that when i take the messages_database.pdb and view it with sms2csv, texts that I have previously deleted show up! ...
    Haven't you got access via sms2csv? Or do you mean that you want them visible in the SMS application on your phone?
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    I do have access to sms2csv/ what i am trying to say is: there are certain texts that were automatically deleted by my treo 755p and when i look in the messages_database.pdb file they do NOT show up, however the messages i have deleted myself DO show up... so i would like to know now if there is anyway to view these messages either from file on my pc or on my phone, i dont care, main goal is- i am trying to retrieve these automatically deleted messages.

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