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    I never used a screen protector on my Treo 650, but I was careful with it. Nevertheless, the Treo had tiny scratches all over the screen. You had to hold it at just the right angle to the light to see them with the screen off. They could not be seen at all with the screen on.

    I have had my Centro for 3 months now, and I cannot find a scratch on the screen (again, no screen protector). I do believe they have made it more resistant to scratches.

    Has anyone scratched up their Centro screen?
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    I read somewhere in the literature that came with mine that they do indeed have a built in screen protector.
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    It does say it has a built in screen protector, but the problem is that doesn't make sense. The idea of a screen protector is for it to get scratches instead of the screen. The 'built in' is part of the whole screen assembly and cannot be replaced, therefore if it gets scratched, then sure, the screen is fine, but you still have a scratched surface on top. I put a protector on before I did anything else. I've used invisible shield and they are great, but not cheap. They do last forever, if you never remove it. I had to swap from my 700wx to a new one and the screen cover wouldn't work again They say it has an unlimited warranty, but you must ship it all back. Plus, I got the centro so no biggy I got the vzw protector with the centro (3pack) and so far it's been very good.
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    When the Centro was new someone posted a description (on this forum? Not sure) about disassembling a Centro; apparently there is indeed a factory fitted screen protector which is plainly visible when you see the entire screen.

    For the first few months I used a second screen protector on top of that one; however, compared to my beloved T3, the (i.e. at least my) Centro's screen isn't very sensitive in the first place, and with TWO screen protectors I had to use far more pressure than I liked, so a week ago I removed it - I decided to be an optimist: maybe Palm used one of those protectors that are nearly indestructible, if various YouTube videos are to be believed.

    Kind Regards,

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    I still put one on as protection but does anyone else still use one?
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    Just one more odd note. Why do they sell screen protectors for Centro if it is built in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDMTREO View Post
    Just one more odd note. Why do they sell screen protectors for Centro if it is built in?
    With "They" I suppose you mean the firms who earn money by producing screen protectors for all kinds of devices?

    Errrr, need you ask?

    Kind Regards,

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    Yup...mine has a bit of a smudgy scratch on it. No idea...probably keys.... It only bothers me if my phone is off and I look at it in light, but its definitely a scratch.
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    Who wants to be the first to test their centro in a pants pocket with keys?
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    A friend recently told me that he read in Palm literature (either a manual or on their website, he can't remember) that the built-in screen protector should not be "further protected" with a sceren protector. I.e., that placing a third-party screen protector will damage the screen. I can't find this information anywhere. Can anyone please confirm or deny this? Is this why Palm does not have screen protectors for the Centro at the Palm Store?
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    I believe the manual does state there is no need for further protection but I haven't read anywhere in Palm literature about damage
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    IIRC, the screen protector is mentioned in the printed leaflet (Quick Start?) in the Centro's box.

    Anyhow, my little horror is now ten months old, the Home button and the centre of the five way nav have holes in their metal coating, but the screen is scratch free.

    Regards, Jochen
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    Just an update. My Centro does have a scratch on the screen now. I think my wife put into her purse with her keys...
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    Unfortunately, I put my brand new Centro (my wife gave it to me for Christmas) in my shirt pocket with a pair of reading glasses in a case with a metal latch, and it now has several scratches. Bums me out. I went through a 600 and a 650 over 7 years without a single scratch and scratched my new Centro in the first (or possibly second) week!

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    No scratches on mine BUT I don't advise you add another one on top. It will pull up your built-in one. Speaking from experience.
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    According the the AT&T Centro user guide posted on Palm's website the only reference to screen protectors relates to problems you might be having with the screen calibration or responsiveness. The user guide does not state that you shouldn't use an additional protector.

    Information below taken from user AT&T Centro guide - page # 264 - top left corner of the page:

    7. If you’re using a screen protector, make
    sure that it is properly installed.

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    I've found the reference to screen protectors:

    In the multi language printed leaflet "Read this first", which came with my unlocked Centro, it says (English section, page 6, below a picture describing the keys of the device):

    "NOTE Do not use a screen protector with this screen. A permanent screen protector is already in place to prevent damage to the device screen."


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    My Centro has a couple nasty scratched up spots on it...
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    I had my Centro for about a day and a half before my screen protectors arrived. i was very careful with it (heck I barely used it) and it still somehow got a major scratch in it. In three years with a Treo 650 that never happened.
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