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    Any ideas or apps? Thanks.
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    TCPMP will play wav files if you install the wav file.
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    Pocket Tunes 4 will play .wav with their free plug-in.
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    Thanks guys, will give this a try. Am using MagicJack as a phone and voice mails get sent to you as WAV attachments to an e-mail. The Blackberry plays them right off. Will work on the 755p w/ PTunes.

    Thanks again.

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    I was trying to do the same thing, but the voicemail sent to me as a wav file was unreadable by pocket tunes. There was a program by motion apps called mvisualvoicemail that was able to play the voice mail, I just didn't think it was worth the money. Could just as easily call in to my voice mail system.
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    The 755p plays .wav files natively. I have several of them as ringtones. Just copy the .wav to main memory. The stock Sounds app will play them. That's a bit clunky if you want to play them on demand (as opposed to as ringtones or alerts). If you do want to play them on demand, you'd save a ton of space by converting to mp3 on a PC and accessing via pTunes or the like.

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