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    got a used sprint treo 650 with "no problems" from previous owner. everything else works fine but heres the problem- calendar wont work. if i tap calender in applications or press calendar button, it briefly shuts down, then orange palmone screen comes on and bar loads up on bottom then briefly shuts then blue palmpowered comes on then it reverts to phone mode. cant access calendar sprint store said this is called power cycling and did a hard reset and all seems well until i instal info again. i beamed calendar ( beamed category-all. date range 2006 to 2010) and contact info from my palm t3 to treo since t3 not hotsyncable for sometime.
    so i hard reset again. then i first beamed calendar info again and then contacts info second.. calendar DID come on and i tapped thru the days and at sunday it powercycled again and is not accessable again. any ideas.
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    Try hard-reset. That should take out the possibility of software error.

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