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    I went to the beach, and the Treo took a swim. The phone went dead. Water and Treo don't mix, particularly salt water.

    I took it over to a washing area (just a foot shower) and rinse it. I made sure that clean (non-salted water) got into every hole. (Would have soak it, but the place has just a silly foot shower). I wrap it in a plastic shopping bag to prevent it from drying.

    I spend the rest of the day on the beach wondering if my phone will ever work again. I have a lot of software tied to it. I know at least my TomTom 5 & 6, USA and Europe maps, will all need re-activation. But I wonder if they would give me a new key at all as it is my second Treo already. Volume care, Butler, those I know I can reinstall if I choose to get another Treo, but ... $$$ all around.

    It was difficult driving home without my TomTom. I was fearful of getting lost.

    After I got home, I took it apart and rinse everything again. I put the parts by the air conditioning vent to help it dry. I even have the radio card taken off so each peice dries with good air flow.

    I let it dry for a full day. All looks water-free except the screen. I can see some water just behind the glass on the screen. I put the Treo back together - eager to see if it works at all. Things light up, but right at the center of the screen, a sun-flower like bright(er) pattern persist over the normal display.

    I happen to have another defunct Treo at hand. I took the screen out from the defunct one, put that screen on my dried out Treo. Fire it up, and everything works.

    So, after my Treo took a swim, I needed a replacement screen, but the darn thing is working just fine.

    Now we shall see if I rinsed it well enough. See if the left over salt has lingering effects....

    Happy July 4.
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