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    I can't get my icons to show up in TreoLauncher. I have the Icon folder and the icons are named properly. Tried menu, launcher, icons, and it says 0 icons cached. I don't know what to do!
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    Please someone help me out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RenaC View Post
    Please someone help me out.
    Well, I don't use TreoLauncher. I do use Initiate launcher and it's the same thing with having the Icon folder on your card in the DCIM folder.

    And properly naming the .gif and .bmp icons for the apps using the Icons.

    I guess I could install TreoLauncher and tell you how to use it. But did you check for any TreoLauncher menu options for dealing with Icons?

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    I followed all the instructions. I get the same message every time.
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    Did you label the folder icon or icons? It will only work if the folder is labeled icon.
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    I labeled the folder Icon. And I made sure that the icons inside were properly named after the icons they would be replacing. And they are in the DCIM folder on my card. But I still get the "0 icons cached" message. To ask another question, I noticed I have a Wallpaper Cache file (in RAM) in Resco Explorer - should there be an icon cache file? If so, I didn't have one....

    BTW, I apologize to all for coming off sounding I was quite frustrated last night.
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    I finally got it. I had the Icon folder in the Palm Folder in the DCIM folder on my card. Then I remembered in a previous post that it said Icon had to be directly in DCIM.

    Thanks to everyone for responding and your help!

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