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    I can't remove the Zlib file from ROM. I deleted the rest of the ZLauncher files.
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    Zlib isn't a ZLauncher file, despite the coincidentally similar name.
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    You can not delete files from the ROM. I think zlib is a compression file that is not in the rom...
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    ZLib is an image compression/decompression type of library that is usually loaded by third party software such as Weather, XWeather and others.

    You should have no problem deleting it from your Centro.

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    There are 2 Zlib files in ROM CompressionZlib.prc and Syszlib.prc. They show up as the ZLib library. They don't need to be removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesgangut View Post
    ...They don't need to be removed.
    Aaaahhh, but wouldn't it be GREAT if you COULD?

    The part of my T3's ROM that was blocked by stuff I didn't need is simply enormous (support for other languages, programs I'd never use) and has been filled very satisfactorily with software that I DO use, thus freeing lots of RAM!

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