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    I let my sister use my treo755p this morning and she tuned the power off and when i turned is back on it reset and now the only thing that comes up is the "The Access Powered screen and the palm screen" then it just turns back and shuts off and does that over and over again and it wont start. i dont know what to do. i took took the battery out for a hour but that didnt help and i dont know nothin else about this phone so can sumone help me...
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    i guess i wont get help...
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    Read your manual on how to do a hard reset or visit and find the support page for your device. Hard resets will erase all data on your phone and put it back to the factory settings.
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    System Reset or Warm Reset
    On Treo 755p
    1 Remove the battery from your smartphone.
    2 Press and hold Up while reinserting the battery.
    3 When Date & Time Preferences appears, then release Up.
    4 Delete the third-party application that you suspect is causing the problem.
    5 Perform a soft reset. The wireless features of your smartphone are not available until you complete this step.

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