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    Been thinking about adding a little more security to my Edge, but I hate the way the Security app works. Then today I stumble across AutoLock. Here's the website . This seems to have the behavior I'm looking for. Has anyone used it? Are there any similar utilities out there?

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    I use AutoLock! I've had it for a couple of months, and I like it alot. I didn't do alot of comparison shopping, so I'm not sure how it stacks up with the others out there.

    But for me, it's just fine.

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    I just found a new app called OneTouchPass. This has a variety of opening pages including pictures. You tap on the number(s) or spot(s) and it opens. If you choose wrong the first time, it takes you to the regular security app. You can even send them an image and they will make it into a picture you can use.
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    EasyLock is another good one like this. I use EL and was a beta tester on it. It is also less than half the price. OTP does look just as good though (very similar to EL).

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    I tried OneTouchPass on my Treo600 last evening but on the morning the battery was down to 60% from a full charge. I suspect the OneTouchPass app drains power when the palm is off? Anyone seeing this as well?

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