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    I have a Centro from AT&T. I just noticed that when I synch, the calendar does not. Everything but the calendar synchs properly. Here’s the log entry from the last attempt:

    o Outlook Calendar synchronization aborted
     Duration: 26.5 seconds
     Outlook Calendar
     OLERR:03-0010
     OLERR:0D-000E
     OLERR:0D-0004
     OLERR:0D-0001
     - Recovery Sync
     OLERR:15-0002
     OLERR:06-0001
    Does anyone know what these codes mean, and what I can do to fix this?

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    usually if only one thing will not sync it is a sign of a corrupt database on the centro. Find tealscan or dbscan and see if that is the case.
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    I don't use Outlook, however those are Outlook errors. Try Googling on the error number(s).

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