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    I installed it on my phone twice, and once on the card. I cannot find the program anywhere! There are no instructions telling how to open it once it's installed on the phone.
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    Do you have TreoLauncher installed? If so, you simply need to reset the phone or to exit into the system launcher and then back to TreoLauncher, as it cashes the program list and does not auto update it upon program installation.
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    If you installed the .prc file to your Centro RAM, Resco Explorer will be in your launcher 'All' category as Explorer

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    To all of you for responding! I have TouchLauncher installed, and I ended up having to take the card out and put it into the reader, copy the program to the programs folder,then I was able to find RE in iSpin. I had to transfer the alert icon I wanted to transfer to RAM, do a soft reset, then it worked! I now have that cute piggy alert icon instead of the bell. Thanks again, guys!
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    Well, with TouchLauncher, you have to 'Rescan Memory' for any new apps to show up in TouchLauncher.....

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    ^^^I didn't know that about TouchLauncher. Just started using it this week.

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