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    Hey all. My comapny finally upgraded their server software to work with the newer treos (e.g. newer than a 650). Two things popped up, and I thought I'd ask for some input.

    1) The good software install assigns it own "contact" application to the contact shortcut. Now the only way I can get to my already established list of contacts is through the home button. I tried going in and changing it back but it only sees the Good contacts in the shortcut listing. Any idea how to fix it?

    2) This software killed my battery QUICK. I have been thinking that my battery was going bad, but this may have sealed it (now to decide if I go with the standard size 2200 extended battery or the ultra-extended 3200, which is oversized).
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    1. What I did was import all my contacts into my outlook at work - then they appear as Personal contacts on the phone wirelessly - you can do this by syncing or importing your contact file

    BTW- I still keep my own calendar using my Plalm PIM and assign that to my cal hardkey

    2. Push email sucks batt life. I keep mine charging when at my desk or at home.

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