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    I am looking for a belt case for my new Centro. For most people this would not be much of an issue and they would find something rather easily with a simple google search. However, my environment is a bit different than most smartphone users.

    I am a technology education teacher. Part of my day consists of working in a shop environment. There are times when my phone even in a holster will get bumped. During the summer I work in construction. At this time there are even more times it will be bumped and/or run into.

    What I am searching for is some type of hard armored type case that will protect the phone plastic, protect the screen from being damaged (read: no exposed screen - preferably covered with a metal plate) while allowing for a belt clip type mount. I also need for the case to be a tight enough fit that I can feel the vibration of the phone when it rings. If I am using machines the ringer is sometimes not loud enough to hear and I rely on the vibration of the phone.

    I have found some things that looked promising. I like this one but according to the dimensions the phone won't fit :
    This one also looks like it might work but I don't see a belt clip on it:
    I would prefer though if this one covered more of the phone.

    Ideally I would like to find something that completely encloses the phone, fits tightly and is made out of something pretty darn tough. Does anyone know of anything on the market? There have to be other people like me that don't sit behind a desk or give presentations all day.
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