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    Is there a stock ticker application for centro where i can have it on the phone application to look at my portfolio ( better if it has alerts when it reaches a certain price )
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    i've used "pocket express" by handmark. realtime stock information. downside is you have to pay a monthly or annual service fee.
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    If your on Sprint, On Demand has one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    If your on Sprint, On Demand has one...
    That's what I use, and its free.
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    Though the support contact can sometimes be somewhat curt and seemingly unwilling to help non-technical persons, also slow to react to bug reports, I'd still recommend StockManager from as being the best portfolio managing app out there for PalmOS.
    It's not free, but it is good.
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    On Demand and Pocket Express are the same application, On Demand is specially branded for Sprint.
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    Had on demand it changed to express I don't get charged , so my question is ho do I get back on demand regardless the basic is free?

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