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    I've had my Centro since November. I love it, except for the battery. It barely lasted me a normal workday, and that's with pretty minimal usage (a call or two and a few Palm calendar/contact searches).

    Then something odd happened in May. Without changing any settings or my usage patterns, suddenly the battery lasted a full week without any recharging. It was wonderful - I used it off and on as usual, but the battery barely drained at all. When it finally reached close to the end, I re-charged it and again, the battery lasted almost a week. This seemingly endless battery power continued . . .

    Until yesterday. Suddenly, and again without any changes to settings or usage, I'm back to the quick battery power loss. After the past month and a half with almost endless energy, this is quite annoying.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    Download and install power hero.

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