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    Cancer Sucks! Every week it seems over half the prayer requests in our church bullitin are for people with one sort of cancer or another.

    All the best to you and your family, sorry for your loss.
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    :^/ JamesGangut, I usually frequent HowardForums more than this or others. However, my Tréo 755p (Sprint) has bitten the dust two days ago and will not boot nor even hard reset. I've been searching the 'net for resources since. That's how I found this thread.

    :^( First, I want to express my condolences for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy.

    Now I feel awkward returning to the reason I found this thread in the first place, but my Tréo can still reach Bootloader mode and ask whether I wish to upgrade the ROM, so repair seems possible if only I can locate a suitable ROM image. Ideally, I'd like to find an image for Sprint Tréo 755p, v1.04. Version 1.07 is my second choice. I'd even settle for your Centro version, if there's a good chance that it'll work.

    For what it's worth, I have appropriate cables and software to edit my PRL and nvm_files and such, so a replacement ROM image seems to be all that I need.

    If it helps, I'll volunteer to help write the turorial you mentioned. For reference, I've got a couple on HowardForums that people seem to like.

    Take care, and God bless.

    Mr. P
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    Mr P, can't you just grab this and edit it?
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    Does anyone know how to sim unlock centro
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    I hope this doesn't sound rude, but couldn't the last three posts especially have been different threads? Could we please stay on topic here so those of us who are subscribed can find out when there is actually something to read about the Centro Custom ROM?

    Remember, search is your friend, and if you can't find it, this is a great web site to get help! But help will come faster when the question you ask is relevant to the topic you post under, so if you don't find the right topic in search, starting your own thread may help you and others who may have your same question!

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    Just bumping it up and checking if any help is needed with rolling it out.
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    I thought I would stay on the front page, but alas, all is not what it seems.
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    James mentioned that I can help out. I worked with him and Tom when we first made the 680 package for you guys. I'm a bit busy though with the christmas season coming soon (retail planning ). I won't be able to do the requests nor different versions like before. As soon as I have extra free time then maybe I will. For now, Is it okay if I just post a download link to the lean rom made by Jamesgangut? I'll also post the full one. My centro came from singapore and it used to have chinese. Imagine the confusion when I mistakenly activated it!
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    I would love the link and as I said before, let me know what help you need.
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    I am okay MFB if you want to post the link, I just think there needs to be an update instruction sheet. I keep hoping to have a couple of free hours to finish things up but between work, kids and other family I haven't had more than just a second.
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    Hope you got my pm jamesgangut, sent it when I read your post. Sorry for the late participation on this thread, I have also been busy with life. With your permission, I'll upload it later and write a clear simple instruction set as well. By the way, this is only for unlocked. I have not played around with sprint.
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    So looking forward to this, hope it stops the freezing issue.
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    I got the updated Bluetooth files from the Sprint update and also included Blazer. It seems there were some improvements on this app as well. This custom is only for Unlocked ROW Centros.

    Custom ROM is released as is and using it means you are responsible for whatever happens to your centro. The apps removed can be installed in RAM. In the event this post needs to be deleted, please send me a PM immediately.

    The following apps have been removed.
    1. DTG
    2. Ptunes
    3. Calc
    4. Troubleshooter
    5. All non english related files
    6. Versamail files
    7. Voice pad
    8. Voice commands
    9. Google
    10. Tips

    Download link


    1. Backup using micro sd card using your favorite backup app. I use Resco backup. Hard reset.
    2. Using a blank micro sd card, transfer the unzipped contents of the package. There should be 2 folders now, Palm and CentroROW ROM Custom
    3. Go to Applications, categories, Card
    4. You can use Resco explorer to install RomUpdater.prc and Romupdater_enUS.prc to ram. This is found in Palm/launcher. If you're not familiar with the app, use other file explorer apps such as FileZ.
    5. After installing the 2 apps, use resco explorer to install or copy to ram all the files inside the CentroROW ROM Custom folder.
    6. Once done, you're now ready to update.
    6. Launch RomUpdater from applications.
    7. type in nome then press enter
    8. After the process is done, you will be prompted to do a hard reset.
    9. Remove the battery and reinsert while holding the power button. Release then follow instructions on the screen.
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    How much DBCache did you gain? Good work!
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    I'm sorry for bothering but I don't get it. Is this rom for sprint? Please don't get angry I wouldlove to use it.
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    Will this work on a Sprint 755p and is there a way to pick andd choose what gets included in rom?
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    Um, it clearly says in bold that it's only for UNLOCKED Centros and two posts above that MFB plainly states not for Sprint. Read people, read!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post
    Will this work on a Sprint 755p and is there a way to pick andd choose what gets included in rom?
    He also said in the post that he was too busy to take requests at this time.
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    should have worded my response better.

    Can this be made to work on a Sprint 755p at a later time when everyone has time?

    Is that better?
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    Hi Old Hatch,

    No idea if a centro rom image will work on your device. Im assuming its hardware specific.

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