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    I'm trying to figure out what the pixel size of the main Centro screen for cropping pictures to fit between the top two (or three if you display the calendar events) and the bottom shortcut keys. I have Visual Arts, and have it rotate the pics, but I'm tired of it cutting off the heads of subjects if it's not cropped right. I'm not a digital photo guy, so if any of you guys can come up with pixel dimensions or something for me to work with, I would appreciate it. I've attached a couple of snaps to show you what I mean. Thanks!!
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    One way is to load your BMP file into Paint, assuming you have a Windows PC, and it can tell you the pixel dimensions.
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    I can't believe I didn't think of that!! I've been using Irfanview to crop the pics, using the pixel counter and calculations in the title bar to crop everthing to 320x320 (or 1.000). All I had to do is load the "Snap"s that I took, and draw my rectangle around the area I wanted, and viola, 320x210, or 1.520!! Guess sometimes you need a look from the outside when you're trying hard to figure something out. Thanks, Tribble.

    I still didn't come out just right, but I can work with it. Looks a lot better though! Just centered it a little lower.

    Love this forum. Help at 1AM!!
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