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    Is there a way to have my name on the main screen of the 700P ? Instructions would be appreciated. Thanks Dorothy
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    i would have sworn when i first bought mine i had put my name on it, but i sure as heck cant find out how to do it now .. so maybe i didnt??? lol

    sorry yeah i know wasnt really all THAT helpful!
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    If you mean the launcher screen (home button)

    Just tap the category at the very top so a drop dpwn comes out with your 5 or so categories. At the very bottom of the list it says edit categories. select that. A new screen will come up with all your categories with a couple of buttons at the bottom. New/delete/rename and so forth. Take like the main category and highlight it and select rename. Change to your name or whatever you want. 0i use my name for the main and myname + games for all my games category etc.

    Hope that helps.

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