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    LJP has been updated to stable version 1.2. There is now the option of receiving phone calls/texts while in a game!

    I have tested it on my Sprint Centro, and it works great! When a call comes in, the incoming call screen pops up right over the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't pause the game, but that's not a big deal. To answer, I had to press the green button (couldn't use the center button or tap screen), and I couldn't ignore with the red button, but after taking the call (or waiting for it to stop ringing and tapping 'ok') it does go right back to the game, and you can actually talk and play at the same time. It does have a slightly odd speed up for a few seconds after going back into it, but it goes back to normal eventually. Text messages also come through, but if you go to the message, or try to reply to it, it will exit the emulator without saving your game.

    You can download version 1.2 here.
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    Do we just need to add the new PRC or all the .zem files as well?
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    you need the new (hi-res) prc along with all the zem files and according to the wiki for best results delete all the config .ini files to keep from having issues.
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    oh wow! I have been waiting for this for a long time! I havent used LJP much because I missed all my calls. This will be well welcomed!

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