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    Thanks to all who frequent this site and give advise to others. I've searched and haven't found my problem so I thought I'd post for some guidance:

    I have a brand new LG HSB-200 bluetooth stereo headset. I read others who use it with the Centro. My problem is that it disconnects after 30 sec or so. I have the trial version of Softtick Audio Gateway. It will pair fine, play music and work with the telephone functions, but only for about 30-40 seconds. Then the light on the headset goes out and connection ends. It still plays through the Centro speaker or handset, but no Bluetooth. The headset is fully charged.

    I loaded SAG onto my Lifedrive and paired it with the headset also thinking I have a Centro problem but the result is the same, only it disconnects after about 10 seconds!

    Any thoughts at all on this?
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    If you you are disconnecting on both I would start looking at the head phones. How old are they? Maybe stop in a store and try them on a WM device. Maybe your headset doesn't play well with softtick.
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    Yep, you're right. They are brand new. I did the obvious next step and turned on the headset without pairing with anything and they only stay on for 30 sec before turning back off. Seems like I have a bad headset. I'll be returning them and we'll try again...

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