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    My visor ran out of batteries and all of the data was whiped out. I resynced and everything came back perfectly EXCEPT for that Yahoo's TrueSync added a note to all of my events in my calendar that didn't have a note. The note is a "0".

    This 0 is extremely annoying and I would like to get rid of it easily (manually is NOT an option because there are over 700+ events). Is there some sort of NOTE EDITOR or something of the like?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse
    Are you OK? Did you hit your head?
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    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    TrueSync should be backing up your PIM pdb files to your backup directory. If you've been backing up your harddrive regularly, you should be able to restore from a date prior to when the problem occured. That's how I've handled problems that occured when TrueSync corrupted my data.

    Have you contacted StarFish? They've been great in getting back to me within a day when I had problems.
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    Good idea. What is StarFish's contact information?
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    and then click 'Ask a question' on the LH menu.

    The entire site has changed completely since my last visit, and I don't know how good the support is these days.

    FWIW, I switched from TrueSync to Intellisync for Yahoo several months ago. I liked the Multi-point syncing of TrueSync, but switched because I really wanted to sync Yahoo Notes to Palm Memo's. Intellsync seems a bit more robust and less quirky, but it only lets you define one set of field mappings for each application. TrueSync, on the other hand, allows you to define different mappings for each category. So you can map Palm Address data to Yahoo Home information for Personal contacts, and map to Yahoo Work information for Business contacts, etc...
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    The reason I don't use IntelliSync is because the last time I tried it when ever there was a change in my visor calendar or yahoo calendar or vice versa it would ALWAYS prompt "okay or cancel" on EVERY event! that is extremely annoying. If I took off the okay /cancel notification it and would not merge or sync but rather write over my data!

    Did they fix this issue?

    What do you mean different field mappings? I have multiple categories on my address book (ie: personal, business, friends) -- can I still use intellisync?

    Also, can it sync with outlook?
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    I've never seen the problem you are describing with the prompting. The only time it ever prompts me is if an event, or other record, has changed on BOTH the handheld and Yahoo. In that case, it needs your help in deciding which is the correct record. Maybe you should try the latest version.

    As far as field mappings, TrueSync has a feature (that apparantly not too many people use) that lets you define different field mappings based on contact category. Intellisync does not. You can still use Intellisync with multiple categories, but it wont MAP the contact fields between the applications differently based on those categories. In other words, with TrueSync you could have your business contact phone number mapped from WORK on the handheld to OTHER at yahoo. And for Personal contacts, have WORK on the handheld mapped to WORK on yahoo. If you're not using this feature with TrueSync, then don't worry. Intellisync will work just the same.

    As far as syncing with Outlook, Intellisync only lets you sync between two points. So, if you're using Intellisync for Yahoo, you could sync from Yahoo to either the HandHeld or Outlook, but not both.
    Hope this helps.
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    What if I wanted to have the data on Palm Desktop, Outlook, Yahoo, and PDA?

    Not possible with IntelliSync? Sort of taking a step in the wrong direction when True Sync did it previously
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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse
    What if I wanted to have the data on Palm Desktop, Outlook, Yahoo, and PDA?

    Not possible with IntelliSync? Sort of taking a step in the wrong direction when True Sync did it previously
    Correct. You can't sync to multiple applications with Intellisync as you can with TrueSync. For a while, I tried using Intellisync to sync to the Handheld, and then the Palm conduits to sync to the Palm Desktop. It was more trouble then it was worth. I've decided that having my PIM at Yahoo and on my handheld is enough for me. I don't like Outlook and having it on the Palm Desktop is more redundancy then I need.

    If you're determined to keep synced with multiple applications, stick with TrueSync.

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