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    Ok, so I made the mistake of buying a cheapy adapter on Ebay and find that the sound only comes through one speaker and now I'm willing to invest more than $.99 for a decent one. Does anyone know of a reputable online dealer for a true stereo adapter? I don't want to pay $10 only to find the new one I purchase was made by the same company in Hong Kong. I really am looking for one that does not distort the sound with every movement of the cord - does one exist?
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    If you're just wanting a decent pair of stereo earbuds, you might consider buying "Palm 2 in 1 Stereo Headset Pro" from Palm. It's 40 bucks but sounds great. Plus, you can talk on it and it has a mute button. Besides that, Palm also has the stereo adapter you're talking about for 9 bucks which is a decent quality. I've used both.
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    Have you tried the TreoCentral Store?
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    I have the official Palm one (L shape) and it works perfect and good quality overall. The headphone stays really firmly in place so it won't come loose, the L shape makes it less awkward and the plastic quality is hard and great in my opinion. A bit expensive (~$10), but after a few months of watching videos on my treo it was well worth it.

    Take a look at ebay, the treocentral store, or elsewhere. It's not where you buy, but which one you buy. For .99, yea, that's just cheap
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    I read somewhere that in order to have stereo the plug should have 3 rings, is that true?
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    Quote Originally Posted by truspark View Post
    I read somewhere that in order to have stereo the plug should have 3 rings, is that true?
    3 or 4. See this link for a full description of the Treo socket
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    I had a 680 and I used a 3.5mm adapter. Within a few weeks of fairly light use, I managed to damage the connector and the 680 thought the headset was pemanently plugged in.

    Is the socket on a centro better built?
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    that's pretty scary, so did you have it repaired? I can't think there is much of a workaround when that happens. I haven't heard of this problem yet on the Centro

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