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    Help! I'm turning to this forum to hopefully solving a nagging problem on my Treo 755p.

    I use to have Goodlink on my Treo and was required to have security password. I left the company and did a hard reset - since I had password on the Treo the hard reset was actually a "Factory Hard Reset" (writes zeros). I then changed my Hotsync to use the Outlook conduits and did a Hotsync. So far so good. All my stuff is back and no Goodlink (unless there's a sneaking file in the backup folder).

    Now, I am getting nagged to put in password (just like when our Goodlink Admin forced the password security), except the request for password has no teeth - I can just hit any key and ignore it. However, it just keeps asking.

    I then put on the password, did another hard reset. Did the Treo Update to 1.07. Password nag came back.

    I used FileZ and deleted to files that looked like old Goodlink files and did a soft reset. The files seem really gone. Still password nag.

    I then thought maybe it is not Goodlink maybe effect that I mark appointments Private. So I went into Outlook created a new view and undid all Private appointments. You guessed it - still have the password nag.

    Anybody know how to get rid of the password nag?
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    Next time you try a hard reset, rename your backup folder so none of your old programs come back. Then install your programs manually and reregister them. It sounds like a security file is coming along for the ride when you restore.

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