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    I keep my Centro connected to my computer when working so it will stay fully charged. I've noticed in the past couple of days that every once in a while the red lcd light will go out and it will stop charging. I've had the phone for two months and it hasn't happened before. Is there any reason for this? This just recently happened this morning and by the time I noticed it, the phone had drained down to 87%.
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    Are you using the Hotsync/USB cable to charge? If so - check your connection, mine doesn't fit correctly, it easily comes loose and wants to connect on an angle. So I just use the power adapter for charging. I can get the hotsync cable to work by adjusting the cord and making certain the Centro is at a certain angle.

    Also does your PC shut down and go into sleep mode after a specified time? If so, then it won't charge via the hot sync cable.

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    Also, make sure the pins on the cable are in good order and the connector port on the Centro is clean/gunk-free.
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    My Treo 680 does the same thing. It essentially charges until its battery has been "topped off" and stops charging. The battery then begins draining until it is disconnected and reconnected again. That's just its default behavior.
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    I noticed this problem too. One thing I have found is that if I plug in the hotsync cable while PTunes playing music on the Centro, it often doesn't start charging. Then, if you hit the home button, it suddenly starts charging (even though I haven't wiggled the plug or anything). If I plug the hotsync cable in when the main screen is showing (no apps open), then it'll often start charging, just as expected.

    Strange behavior...but I have just learned to watch for the cute red light and beep that says that he's charging. If he's not charging, I switch to the main menu and suddenly BEEP with red light, then I can switch to PTunes and turn the music on and it'll charge.

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