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    I still have an older seidio cradle with the RJ11 jack for a wired gps receiver for my old 650.

    I wanted to use this cradle in one of my cars and use a wired gps receiver so that I could still use my bluetooth headsset rather than pair my 755p with a gps receiver.

    Ive looked around but since everyone is using bluetooth these days I cant really find any good info on whats out there now and what I should be looking for. I know most will need a converter cable from what I have seen.

    ANyone have any ideas on good cheaply priced wired gps receivers? It would be nice if it was really small too as to ease the mounting location.
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    Hi. The only wired gps receivers I'm aware of are from the Delorme Earthmate Street Atlas packages (which include software and a receiver) and are meant to connect with a laptop.

    There's the LT-20 receiver and the BT-40 receiver. Both can connect to the laptop via USB, but the BT-40 can also connect via Bluetooth. Hm.

    It occurs to me that you might consider plugging a Bluetooth adapter (like the ones from Cardo) into your Treo's headset jack (although you may want to use another adapter since Treo connectors are so ... odd) and using THAT to connect to your Bluetooth headset/headphones/earpiece.

    That way, you could connect both Bluetooth devices (gps receiver & headset/headphones), simultaneously.
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