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    Every time I try and sync my phone with my Macintosh computer, it starts and seemingly runs fine for a short while. Then I get a message that says, Hot Sync was interrupted and some of my data was not backed up.

    (I've attached a screen shot jpeg of the message in this post.)

    I usually sync every couple days and I haven't changed anything. This just started happening.

    All my programs are current, I did a soft reset, I moved the USB cable to a different port, I changed my user name, (all the on-line tech support resolutions I've found), I even trying my old sync cable from my 650, all getting the same message.

    Any body else seen this, or have a solution?
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    What does the log say? Is it consistantly stopping at the same point? If so, it could be a corrupt database on the phone. If not, it could be a hardware problem.
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    I vote with Jan on this one. It is probably a corrupt database. Sometimes it gets corrupted in transfering files. Download a trial copy of TealScan from and scan your device and then fix any corrupt files that may show up. But as Jan pointed out, the key is to look in the Hotsync log (on your Mac) for clues as to what happened.
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    I looked at the log, but I guess I was unsure what I was looking for. I didn't see anything that said, "corrupt" or "interrupted", but I'll look closer.
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    It should have some error messages stating what failed to hotsync.

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