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    Does the Verizon Wireless Centro have the post-call freeze problem like the 700p/755p do? The problem I am referring to is the lock-up that occurs about 30 seconds after hanging up on a call (either receiving or making a call) - the device completely locks up for about 10-20 seconds and then becomes useable again. I couldn't stand this issue on my 700p and was irrate to discover it carried over to the 755p and am hoping that they fixed this on the Centro. Thanks in advance for any info!
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    I have had a problem with mine freezing for 5 to 10 seconds after a call, or during dial up. Most of the time its fine, but on occasion it will hold the dial screen, or dial pad up after finishing a call and immediately jumping into another program.
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    I have found this problem to be almost entirely fixed on my happened all the time on my 700p and my 755p.the only way I could fix it was to change the prefs setting to "get nothing" from the network.i think we determined that was caused by the phone getting the time&date from network.But when you changed that setting,your clock became unreliable.Anyway,this doesn't happen on my Centro and I couldn't be happier!!!
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    i've had my vzw centro for a couple of weeks now and YES it does happen BUT not as frequently as it did when i owned a vzw 755p. the duration is 2-5 seconds.

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