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    I want more color options included on the phone and the OS in general.
    Please explain. I am here to learn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Campo View Post
    I fail to see why it is so hard to buy a 2.5-3.5 adapter plug
    Do you listen to much music? I run 8GB SanDisk on UK/world(black) unlocked GSM Centro and i've bought a number of adapters and it's all well and good but seriously, what would you prefer?

    1.) having to lug around an adapter so you can plug it in to the closest audio system or headphones of a friend(or your own for that matter)


    2.) have the personal audio industry standard plug so you don't have to think about it. ever.

    It's not hard, but why not include it out of the box? Other than so they can sell you a device down the track because it actually has one.

    (WiFi - perfect case in point, sure some users wont even go there but, why leave out something that will essentially make your device date and be less convenient - ala BB Storm, I understand it's a little more complicated with Centro)

    I struggle with justification for holding back technology, it's disappointing the cell industry is so far behind on 3.5mm plugs, there is no need.
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    More along the lines of use the industry standard for headsets for phones vs using the industry standard of headphones for music that has a microphone wired in that isn't standardized.

    As more people use bluetooth headsets for phone communications I would expect the jack to change to the more appropriate headphone standard as more people are using that jack for that purpose.
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    Looks like alot of you guys missed the flush screen!

    Needs to be little bigger screen and flush with the front.
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