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    Hi -

    Haven't posted in awhile, but this is a good one.

    Last week I couldn't find my 755, and spent an evening looking high and low for it. I finally gave up (I use my iPhone most of the time these days) and then, two days later found it in the washing machine with my laundry. It had soaked for two days, and was never dried!

    So I left it outside for a few days to dry out during the hot week, and believe it or not it works fine now! Even the memory was intact.

    The screen showed some blotching for a day or two - but that's also dried up. Now I can't tell any difference.

    Weird, huh?

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    What brand of detergent did you use?
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    First thing...Ouch! 2nd- Welcome back! 3rd- See, Palm does kick ***!
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    Yeah, try THAT with an iPhone!

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    I think most people will admit the iPhone leaves something on the table when it comes to how strong that thing is. What strikes me is there is no way people's favorite smart phone could handle that. I hate a Black Berry, but everyone uses it because it is a Black Berry. I think I'll get a Black Berry from work and see if I can soak it in the sink for a while and get it back. I'm betting no.
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    I too have to run a Blackberry for work e-mail and hate it. Be careful not to soak it with the white wash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    First thing...Ouch! 2nd- Welcome back! 3rd- See, Palm does kick ***!

    I have heard several stories like this one and have one of my own. The magic trick is to let the unit dry COMPLETELY or you are totally screwed.
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    ^^ General advice for anything electronic too.

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