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    Does anyone know if it's possible to access the internet with the Blazer bowser (or a different one if need be) while the phone it plugged into your pc using hotsync? I have to connect to Verizon currently to access the net and seems like if it's plugged into my pc I should be able to use that connection via the cable.
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    If you are connected to the computer, and want to access the web, you can do so, just as if you were not connected to the computer. Whether the treo is connected to the computer has no bearing on what software can be used. You would be using your phone's data connection.

    That being said, there are ways to "tether" the phone to the computer, and use the phone's internet connection for your desktop/laptop. If that is what you mean, I would search for tethering here, and you will find lots of information.

    If you are asking if you can use the phone while it is "hotsyncing", then the answer is no. Hotsync takes over the treo.

    At least as far as I know.

    Hope this helps.
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    No, what I meant is can the Treo connect to the internet without using the phone data service to do it. Meaning connecting to the net by using the internet connection the PC has.
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    I'm going to vote a strong negative on this. I can't be sure, because there is a great chance someone has written an app to do that, but I would think you can't do that. Now depending on your service provider you can go the other way. You can use your phone as a modem for you PC most times. I can do that and it is fast.
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    Anyone know of an app for this?
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    I would honestly be afraid to try this even if someone wrote a program to do it (which I doubt they've done). I'm assuming you don't have internet, or you have limited internet on the phone and don't want to pay data charges. I say I'd be afraid, because if the phone even accidentally connects it will cost you a lot of money. I have a 680 I bought to use in Europe this fall and bought a $10 AT&T pay as you go plan. I NEVER used the phone for anything other than I took the SIM card out, and put it back in. There were three data charges on my account that AT&T quickly and nicely credited me for as they saw it hadn't used enough data to have really been me using it.

    If you aren't worried about interet costs, just out of curiosity, why would you want to look at a small screen when you are connected to a computer with a monitor?

    Finally, there is a program called PdaReach that will show your phone on the computer monitor so you can control the phone with the convenience of the computer. Try it for free at:
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    I don't have a data plan and would like to save some bookmarks to the browser and use once in awhile. Figured there should be a way for it to connect to the net while hooked up to the pc without having the phone on.
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    As has been explained several times here, there is not a way to do what you are wanting. Depending on who you are with, you might be able to make month to month changes to your plan, I know Sprint allows that. So you could add the data plan for one month, do all you need to do, then cancel it before the month is out; Sprint's data plan is $15 a month, most affordable.

    I also own a Dell's Axim x51v PDA (no phone) and that is a WM device with Wifi. I am able to connect this to my laptop through ActiveSync and while hooked up, use my laptop's internet connection, to update programs, etc. But on the Palm devices you can't do that with Hotsync.
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    Softick PPP

    Go google for that
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    Wouldn't it be better to put those bookmarks on a thumb drive with portable apps (with firefox) or even on your sd card again with portable apps so you can just use them on the computer with a bigger screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMG View Post
    I have a 680 I bought to use in Europe this fall and bought a $10 AT&T pay as you go plan. l]
    off topic but is your 680 unlocked? also do you want it just for voice and sms (no data) in several euro countries? if so I may have a good idea for you re a world sim with free incoming calls, an 800 number in the US, and a way for folks to send you free sms via the net.
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    Softick PPP is what you are after. I use this with my Treo 600 work phone. There is no data plan on the phone but I use it to send E-mails that collect through out the day on the phone. Mostly just notes to myself or observations while in the factory at work. When I get back to the desk I cradle the Treo and go into Mail and hit Send/Get Mail and it uses the Internet connection of the attached PC to send E-mail. Blazer and OperaMini work fine also. I troed it with SnapperMail for an iMap Account and it works as expected. Setup is rather simple too.

    It's not that expensive either.

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