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    I'm trying to "send" my Contacts to another phone via bluetooth.
    When I try to send "contacts" its says I cant because its a copy-protected file. In the file list, the contacts file has a lock icon.

    I downloaded fileZ and I see a few files that start with cont*. None of these
    files seem to be locked.

    Has anyone seen this problem ?
    If I wanted to use fileZ to to send the contacts information, which file do I need to send ?

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    The 'Contacts' that you are trying to send is the actual application. To send contacts to another phone, simply go into the Contacts application and press the menu hard button above the message button and 'Select Contact' to send individual contacts or 'Send Category' to send them all or your created groups. A popup menu will appear asking whether you want to send them via Bluetooth, Messaging or Versamail. Select one of these options

    Hope This Helps

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    Jeez, I feel like a moron........

    Thanks waltherg22 - that worked perfectly


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