I don't know if what I am having is relating to a Treo problem, or a Sprint problem, but I thought I'd just toss it out for any ideas. I have three phones on my account, a Treo 755p and two Nextel Motorola i880s. They are all on the SERO plan for unlimited texting/data/internet. When I try to send pictures from the Treo to the i880s, one of them is able to recieve it and view it, the other one gives a message that it is unable to open the file. They are configured identically, all settings are the same. Same with audio files. Both of the i880s can send to the Treo with no problems, and I am able to read any multimedia that they send. Very confusing to say the least. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. Of course, the Sprint tech supports says it's a Nextel issue, while the Nextel support blames Sprint, yada, yada, yada. It's good thing that Sprint and Nextel are together, I'd hate to think what it would be like if they were different companies.