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    Allright, tried to do it last night, and i couldnt figure it out

    the manuel told me to take the files and drop them in a sync to my palm "droplet" or something, but i got nothing

    anyone have success getting from a mac to centro?

    i use iTunes, but re-burned a cd and loaded it back up, so its an AAC file now.

    any help atall would be appreciated
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    Anyone have a suggestion?

    i see the SEND TO DEVICE icon, but what do they mean by "droplet"

    anything atall, thanks
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    Best piece of advice on getting songs into your phone from a Mac

    Get a card reader.

    Download SyncTunes for Mac.

    This will sync your playlists you specify into your memory card and ptunes can easily read the .pls files that you create with SYncTunes

    I am having a blast with SyncTunes. I have a playlist folder (do create folder in iTunes) in iTunes and i put multiple playlists and smart playlists (such as least played, Recently added) under that folder. I then sync that FOLDER thru SyncTunes and it will put all the songs in one folder and create multiple playlists without having to duplicate songs.

    I hope that makes sense. I really am enjoying it. It has kept me from buying an iPod the past few years. That, and Bluetooth Audio
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    I noticed a way to do it without buying the card reader program. palm has a tutorial on their website.
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    this is the way i have done it:

    (i use iTunes). take the songs you want to put on the centro. burn them to a disc. then re-rip them on to itunes. then right click and select "Convert Selection to ACC"
    Then, go open "Hotsync Manager". Under the "hotsync" tab in the top pannel menu (I have a Mac), select "Install Handheald files"
    The "droplet" will appear (a big box with controls on the side).
    Then just drag them from iTunes and drop them in the box.
    The next hotsync you perform will put them into pTunes, and they will appear just as they did on iTunes.
    a pain, kind of, but simple.
    * also, if you have the orignial cd, and had that cd loaded onto iTunes, then there is no need to do the convert to ACC. that is only necessary for iTunes purchased or other burned cds (for the most part, or from what i can gather)
    hope this helps, try it out, no need to purchase additional soft/hardware
    loaded right up to my 4gb card.

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