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    so i've had my treo 700p for a while now, and everything's been working well. I haven't changed anything at all recently. Last night, i left an old tethered earpiece plugged in and in the morning the phone was completely dead. today, the phone works normally, except for when it is in sleep mode (black screen) and press the end button to turn it back on, it takes about 10 seconds before anything happens. This is a little frustrating as i have to wait every time i want to use my phone. I've tried soft resetting, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

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    ok so an update. I've figured out that the problem is with my SD card. when i remove it, everything works fine. Also, the palm will no longer recognize my card (it's a 6gb card, but i used a hack to make the 700p be able to utilize sdhc cards, and it's worked for months). it still recognizes my 1gb card. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the card reader driver, but i can't erase the card reader driver that is saved to ROM, and when i try to put the sdhc driver back on, it says it can't write it and there is an error. any ideas??

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