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    Hey Folks,

    I'm currently NOT a centro owner (as some of you all may know) however, my job position requires me to have knowledge about the centro devices and I like to make reference points for other users and co workers to find...

    Lately I have been addressing issues where the Palm Centro devices on AT&T keep coming up with the error message "Unable to load extensions due to low device memory...please remove any unused applications.." the Plam KB does not have any definitive answers for this resolution and Palm customer care reps that I speak with on a daily basis are never forthcoming with the direct fix (if their is one) so my question is...has anyone else seen this? their a fix for it? The typical items of movie pictures and ringtones and such to the memory card does NOT always fix the issue although that would seem to me the most reasonable answer.

    Thanks for any help on this folks!
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    My thoughts..... get a Sprint Centro!

    Well, you'd first need to dermine if there really IS a shortage of memory - like how many MB are being used? What size is the micro sd card (if any) and can the apps be moved to the card which of course would free up device memory.

    I've been seeing an out of memory message since I downloaded JVM for Opera Mini and I KNOW I've got over 40 mb free on the device and 2gb free on the card! I'll just keep trying to reload the page, or try again later and it goes through.

    I've also installed Resco explorer and done device DB cache flush with that app, which seems to help.

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!

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