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    #1) How do I delete applications I no longer want?

    #2) I have a full outlook 2007 mail client, and when I hotsync I can't find my emails anywhere on my phone. Where do they go / what am I doing wrong?
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    TO ANSWER q1):

    If you are using the native launcher: go to "all" category which will bring up everything loaded on the phone. Press menu key then select delete. The Centro will list all applications and databases on the phone ( but NOT on the micro card) - you have to select that option. Things that CAN be deleted do NOT have a padlock next to them. Highlight what you want to delete and tap delete, tap ok if necessary to finalize. Make sure you've done a back up before deleting because you might delete something that is NOT related to a deleted app and the Centro will work wonky!

    I can't help you with the outlook email question - I don't use outlook. But I'd look at your email settings on the device and be certain you haven't told it to delete email on the server when deletd on the device if you want to save emails in outlook.

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