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    Hello there,

    I heard of a Sony Xplod car stereo having blue tooth that can connect to our mobile phone. We can answer from our car speakers also. Yup its true that there is no privacy in talking. Is that reliable such that any problem arises further to our set or mobile? Thanks in advance for replies.
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    I have it. It works GREAT. Once you pair it, you don't have to worry about it. If you are talking on phone and start the car up, it automatically switches to the bluetooth, and vice versa if you cut the car off.

    What I really love is it also streams the music on your cell phone to the car speakers, using the bluetooth.
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    I can second that. I recently replaced the factory head unit in my '97 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder w/the Sony XPLOD MEX-BT2600. It rocks!!! Pairs easily with my 755p and I can actually carry on a conversation with the top down, so long as I'm not going too fast (which of course I never do)
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    ^ Appreciate the input. I've been seriously considering that very unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madmax22 View Post
    I am thinking of getting it too. Where do you get it cheapest?
    At most places it retails for $169.99. If you don't need pre-amp/sub outputs, you can opt for the discontinued previous model MEX-BT2500. If you have any desire to install it yourself (I did, but I was an A+ Certified Computer Service Technician in a previous life), I highly, highly recommend They will throw in all the hardware, brackets, wiring harnesses and instructions plus shipping for free above a certain price point (the 2600 qualifies, but not the 2500). They have the 2500 for $116.99 in their outlet store.

    Check them out, if you buy from there, give them my Referral Code: p6wv3-3dp4c-77aug and you will save $20 (I'll also get a $20 credit).
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    I tested my 700P with a Sony MEX-BT2600 at Best Buy yesterday. I got very good results with making and receiving calls....although calls have to be dialed from the handset.

    ....but I couldn't get Ptunes to stream music to the receiver using the A2DP provided by Audio Gateway.

    Got the two paired up OK for the phone....

    Is there a different procedure for pairing to play stereo music??

    Tips anyone.

    Warren C.
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    You may already know this, but the streaming music is a separate selection on the source menu. So you have to first select streaming music, then, turn on audio gateway. Make sure audio gateway is not still selected for your phone bluetooth device! then switch to headphones on audio gateway and you're good to go! when a call comes in, it automatically pauses the music, then when you hang up it starts it again.

    by the way, I don't think it worked in Best Buy for me either. So I figured it wouldn't work on the centro, but I still wanted the hands free phone option and the aux jack anyway, so I purchased the unit. I just tried it on a whim while waiting for someone in my car, and it worked.
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