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    I was just messing with the phone, had it since last August, and it freaked out on me.

    The screen looks like a TV test screen. It it divided into eight equal sized blocks, there is a red, green, blue, and white block on the left side from top to bottom. On the right side there is a white, red, green, and blue box.

    At the top in the center it states "0.19"

    That's it. Everything is lit up, the keyboard, buttons, etc. It won't do anything. If the battery is in or it is plugged in it goes to this screen and doesn't dim or turn off.

    I tried replacing the battery, hard reset (which does nothing because the phone just boots up to this test screen thing), and syncing. Can't sync, nothing happens.

    What should I do besides bring it to Sprint tomorrow? I kind of need the phone tonight.
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    Some guy on Treonauts had the same thing happen a couple days ago. Weird.
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    Any idea what he did about it or a link to the thread?
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    This is the first problem I've ever had with the phone. SO weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enkidu View Post
    Any idea what he did about it or a link to the thread?
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    Took it to Sprint this morning, they couldn't fix it. They gave me a new phone with zero hassle and got right to me.

    It's reassuring to know that if my phone dies for some stupid reason like this, Sprint will have the problem fixed in about 20 minutes (that's all it took) with no charges.

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