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    Has anyone tried this app yet ( It's supposed to be a one-stop-shop for mobile blogging and posting to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don't have the time to investigate it right now but was curious if anyone here has given it a shot?
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    Hmm, looks like it might have potential.
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    They make you sign-up for an account, then send you the SMS to tell you how to DL the program. You have to sign-in to the program with your account info. When I tried to use it, it froze up my Centro. With no reset hole, and a case covering my battery, that was a bummer. Tried it twice, it locked up both times, had enouigh with that and deleted the program. Went online to delete my account and found no way to do that. Found an e-mail address and told them to delete my account. Don't know if they will or if I am locked into them and will be hounded with junk e-mail.

    I also have a problem with giving my log-in info for my accounts to a website I haven't heard of. (It did not ask for that info before it locked-up, so maybe that is not an issue?) Wasn't sure if that data is stored in their servers, or on my local centro, or stored nowhere and would require/allow me to keep that info in my brain and log-in manually (my preferred method, just in case the phone is lost or stolen).

    Good potential, but in my case... no thanks!
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    There's very few posts in their support forum. So this must be brand spanking new.
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    I have a centro from AT&T and I personally haven't had any problems. I think it is a new company just because when I had a problem getting an SMS activation code, I got the actual engineers to respond, not someone from a big customer support. Once I got that I had no problem with it. Duane, have you tried to restart your phone? Ida know just a thought. I never got junk mail or had any security problems myself. anyway, after playing around it i like it. i just started it but so far its tres cool. I'm sure if its such a small company you can mail them for support or if you still have your account you can post to their forum... anyway i'm not an it support person but just some ideas to help
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    Thanks for trying CellSpin Client. And really sorry to hear about problems. Since this is first version of CellSpin Client for palm, please bear with us and provide us details of the problem, device that you are using and details of your service provider.

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    I have a verizon centro. I see the program has potential, but hesitate when it requires 2 resets and that is hard to do on my encased centro.

    Maybe after some other guinea pigs... uh... first adopters have a while to help you iron out the kinks I will try again, but not anytime soon as I need my centro working with as few resets as possible.

    Where is the log-on info for facebook, myspace, etc. stored... on my centro or in your servers?

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    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but at first glance it appears to be a one-way posting app. You apparently can't send something you have already written/spoken/photographed/videoed or otherwise previously created. It is a live sort of thing that allows you to post to any (or all) of your blogs at once, from one 'convenient' app, on the fly.

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    Login information stored on the server and it is encrypted & secure. Please keep the publisher name < 20chars to avoid resets. we will eliminate this problem in the next version of palm cellspin client. it looks there is a limitation on the palm record store.

    There is select media in the CellSpin app to post media(text/video/picture/audio), which is already present in the device.

    CellSpin Team.
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    I have a Sprint Centro and it has frozen twice on me and rebooted my phone twice. Both times, I was taking a picture. The first time, After I took the picture, I tried to save it and it froze/rebooted. The second time, after I took the picture, it saved (I guess), the screen for writing a caption came up, and I was scrolling to highlight which site I wanted to upload to, and then it froze/rebooted on me.

    For now, I am deleting this off my phone. This program is a great idea, but please fix the bugs!
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    Please follow below instructions to install the latest version if you already the older version of the CellSpin client on your device.

    1. Remove the 1.2.0 palm client
    2. Soft reset the phone (remove the battery & put it on).
    3. Get the link of the software from
    4. Install the application on the device.

    CellSpin Team

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