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    Funny story (actually it's quite a sad story, however I can understand some schadenfreudeists finding humor in the story). I was on a rollercoaster, and at some point the treo fell out of my pocket. It had a soft landing (well, as soft as you can fall off of a rollercoaster), however it still refuses to do anything.

    I should note at this point the (long shot) reason for my optimism in getting this to work. My girlfriend called it when we got off the ride and the phone did not go directly to voicemail. This implied (to me) that at least the phone wasn't split up into byte-sized pieces. (Sorry, no more jokes.)

    This happened yesterday (6/24/08) and I went to pick the phone up today (6/25/08) (and they made me pay for parking again...), to find the red light at the top blink once. When the phone chose to not turn on when hitting the red power button, I removed and put back in the battery. Nothing happened.

    I got home and took a volt-meter to the battery and decided that it was working properly, yet the phone still does nothing. It is not under warranty so pretty much any advice will be taken into account. I am not an electronics guru (but I do know the basics), however I do know quite a few electronics guru's pretty well.
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    Hmm, this may not help and you may have already done this, but open your phone and check all the connections (keyboard, LCD, digitizer). I recently changed a cracked digitizer and was disheartened when I turned on the phone and nothing happened on the screen. I checked everything over and it looked okay--still nothing. I then pulled each connection and doubled-checked to make sure they were all in firmly and that did it (I think it was the LCD)--no problems since.

    Maybe the fall bumped the connections enough to still appear right, but not really so in reality.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

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