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    Hey i've read in a lot of reviews that there is a "lack of a back button"

    Does this mean that eg, if I go into my SMS inbox and go into a text nessage there is no button that lets me go back to my SMS inbox??

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    there's no need for a "BACK" BUTTON. if you're currently typing out an sms message BUT decide to cancel then just hit "cancel" button and it'll take you back to the sms inbox. if you're txting someone BUT want to go contacts to look up a phone numner or address to add in your txt message then simply press "home" button then "contacts", when u have the info you want-press messaging button and it should be where you left off. hope that makes sense.
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    As V said, there is no need for a back button. To have one implies that you have open programs to go back to. PalmOS is not multi-tasking and so only one application is running at any time (well almost.). Well designed programs remember their 'state' by saving it between runs, so that when you next run the program it remembers where you were up to. That is the case with the messaging application.

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